Edinburgh Airport wants aviation tax devolution

Edinburgh Airport wants aviation tax devolutionEdinburgh Airport is one of several travel hubs in Scotland that have called for their Air Passenger Duty (APD) to be devolved to the Scottish government by the UK government.

The Edinburgh facility, as well as Glasgow Airport and Aberdeen Airport, all want this to happen as one component of the Scotland Bill.

In addition, the Scottish government has voiced its support for the move, which was recommended by the Calman Commission.

The current form of the Bill does not feature the devolution of APD and airports in Scotland think that the country's government possesses a more progressive outlook when it comes to aviation.

In addition, a report commissioned by the three Scottish airports showed that the nation's tourism and aviation would be harmed if taxes were increased in the future.

Amanda McMillan, managing director of Glasgow Airport, said: "If the aviation industry is to continue to play an active role in generating employment, encouraging export-led growth, supporting tourism and attracting inward investment, then it cannot be subjected to any further increases in APD."

Edinburgh Airport could already be said to be doing its bit to support the tourist industry, as it last month opened a new aircraft taxiway, reducing delays and average aircraft taxi times.

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