Heathrow Airport to get new Thai Airways Boeing 747-400

Heathrow Airport to get new Thai Airways Boeing 747-400The first made-over Boeing 747-400 aircraft has been launched by Thai Airways and will soon take to the skies from London's Heathrow Airport.

Running on flights between Bangkok and London, the new plane should come into service from October.

Every seat across all classes has been upgraded for the comfort of those flying to and from Heathrow Airport.

There are also new entertainment systems to keep minds occupied for the duration of the trip.

At present, version 7443 of the Boeing 747-400 is in use at Heathrow Airport, with passengers in economy, business and first class able to view a number of films on their personal screen. Each seat in first and business class also comes with a PC power outlet for all laptop plugs.

Heathrow Airport passengers should park where they can reach Terminal Three, which is where the departure building for the airline is located.

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