Stansted Airport ‘offers security fast-track for £5’

A new trial has started today (September 8th) to enable passengers to fast-track their way through security at Stansted Airport, it has been reported.

At present, most existing schemes to make the journey through airports quicker are only available to frequent flyers or premium travellers, however, the new one at the London travel hub is open to all travellers, Air and Business Travel News explained.

Passengers can spend £5 on a ticket that gets them to the departure gates more quickly.

Stansted Airport has joined with hospitality firm No. 1Traveller to launch the fast-track project.

The organisation’s chief executive officer and founder Phil Cameron commented: “Our aim is to make every step of the journey as enjoyable as possible and this latest offering means that travellers no longer have to waste valuable time queuing to get through to departures.”

People could also save time by taking advantage of airport parking, with Stansted’s long and mid-stay parking just a short ride from the terminal.

This may perhaps save individuals having to take public transport should they be in a rush.

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