Our top 10 rules for girls on how to look your best when travelling by plane


Our top 10 rules for girls on how to look your best when travelling by planeWe have questioned our fashionista friends, asked our female frequent fliers and surveyed the FHR office. This is our definitive list of how to arrive at your destination looking your very best:

Rule 1 Wear comfortable, non-crease clothing ideally in a dark or at least neutral colour. Travelling is not the time to wear a head-to- toe linen ensemble. Try comfortable cottons or cotton jersey which is cool and soft to the skin. Knits are often a good choice as they do not wrinkle. Anything containing Lycra is great as it is very forgiving, snapping back to place and comfy to wear for a long period (as long as it’s not skin tight!).

Rule 2 Pack a pashmina, a shawl, scarf or wrap. It will keep you warm if the air con is chilly, you can twist it round your neck or shoulders as you require.

Rule 3 Do not wear new shoes. Make sure your choice of foot ware is suitable comfort should be your number one priority. There is every chance you will need to walk/run a couple of miles through an airport, plus feet swell on flights so for your arrival a pair of forgiving flats or canvas shoes are best.

Rule 4 Keep your make up on travel day to a bare minimum. If you can manage it, travel without foundation. The air on planes is very drying and foundation will just block your pores. Travel with your best skin products and ensure your skin is moisturised regularly, this is really important if you are going on a long flight.

Rule 5 Dry shampoo is a must, we suggest that you never travel without it. It is the best defence against you can have to revive your tired tresses on arrival.

Rule 6 As everyone knows, when flying it is essential to stay hydrated. Drink water frequently throughout the flight, and avoid alcohol.

Rule 7 Sleep if you can, especially if you have had an early start or you have a long plane journey. Take some cucumber eye pads to soothe your eyes and a travel pillow. Plug yourself into your Ipod or on board system, and at least close your eyes. You will be much more refreshed when you arrive if you have had some rest.

Rule 8 Chew some gum, take some breath freshener or even better pack your tooth brush in your hand luggage. Nothing makes you feel better than having fresh breath, clean your teeth after meals or before landing. If that is not possible then chew some gum.

Rule 9 Look after your eyes and pack some hydrating eye drops. Your eyes are a giveaway for fatigue and dry environments can make them red and sore. Chemists sell a variety of eye drops, our advice is to get some pre-departure and use them in flight to ensure your eyes are sparkling when you arrive.

Rule 10 Hat and sun glasses – if like us, you are not always quite so prepared then a hat and some sun glasses can help or arrival to disguise your exhaustion, just make sure you are top to toe in Lycra so your clothes don’t give you away!

Happy flying!

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