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Inflight Skincare

Take care of your skin on your next flight

As a travel writer and model, work requires flying from city to city and around the world. Different climates and stifling recycled air plane air can wreak havoc on skin, but I’ve found a few go-to products over the past year that have really helped keep my skin hydrated and luminous when I’m on the road. Plus, eating and drinking properly on a plane helps to prevent bloating and puffiness that often accompany long plane rides.

Alli Galecki, regional spa manager for Equinox, says that hydration is everything when you’re flying. “Stay away from coffee, alcoholic beverages, and foods high in sodium,” she says. “Salt can lead to bloating and discomfort as your body cannot easily process at high altitudes.” Instead, opt for a simple water with lemon, even if it means you have to get up to use the less than pleasant bathroom. 

After flying halfway across the world on a recent trip to Hawaii, I was feeling less than fabulous. My skin was parched and dull, so I spritzed on a little seaweed facial spray. It’s great to have a travel size mister with ingredients like aloe vera, algae, vitamin C and other antioxidants to perk up tired skin so you like awake and radiant when you step off the plane. One great spray is the Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray, which even comes in a travel size. I spray my face throughout the day, under or over makeup, and it’s the best instant moisturizer I know. It’s great for all skin types and is of neutral pH and mineral balance. Imagine infusing your skin with the purest mineral water. “Make sure any hydrating toner spray does not contain alcohol, which can be drying,” Galecki adds.

To clean my face and refresh right before landing, I always reach for La Fresh towelettes. They’re much easier to transport on short trips than lugging around a heavy toiletry bag with travel size cleansers, make-up removers and nail polish remover. I don’t have to scrub too hard and the make-up remover does a great job even with removing eyeliner and mascara, which can get smudgy after a nap. Since the new eco-beauty line is bio-degradable and packaged using solar energy, I don’t feel quite so wasteful using them. The body soother is a lifesaver in humid cities like Miami or Taipei.
Galecki also recommends exfoliating right before landing to reveal a fresh layer of skin. “Using a great exfoliating product will help buff away dead surface cells that cause a dull complexion,” she explains. “Removing this will allow for hydrating products to penetrate more efficiently. Choose a rich moisturizing treatment mask as opposed to a clay base. Clay masks are designed to draw impurities and excess oil, which may lead to a drying effect if your skin is already thirsty. A moisture mask will help replace anything that may be lost in the traveling process. I love the Micro Exfoliating Scrub by Skinceuticals and the Honey Moisture Mask with Propolis Extract by Lather.”

Article written by travel journalist Amber Gibson travel FHR

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