Should I book late for cheap airport parking?

Answer: No. The best time to book your airport parking is as soon as your flight is booked.

Best Time to Book Airport Parking | Book FHR BlogBook your airport parking as soon as you have booked your holiday and insurance for the cheapest option. We aren’t just saying it; we have over 30 years of experience and data to show that booking early means booking cheaper.


Someone travelling in July 2015 could have booked their parking at Cophall Gatwick in January for £43.95, instead of waiting until two weeks before and paying £72.80.

We guarantee the best price for you. In the unlikely event the price drops we can cancel your booking and rebook you at the cheaper rate. (NB: providing that you have not picked a booking option that cannot be amended or cancelled).

We are a family business, we are an honest business, and we give our customers the best service

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