BookFHR Interview: Graham Greenaway

As part of our 30th Birthday celebrations we are interviewing different members of staff here on our blog. Today it’s Graham’s turn!


  • Tell us a little about yourself, who you are, how long you’ve been at FHR and what you do there?

A teenage Graham with his dad

I’m currently the Director of the company and the son of FHR’s founder so it’s been a part of my life since I was six years old although I officially started working evenings and weekends between 1994 and 1999 and then came back working full-time when I finished Uni in 2002.

As the Director I have overall responsibility for the company operations but on a day-to-day basis tend to focus more on the online marketing side of the business and ensuring all the systems are up and running.

  • What has been your highlight during your career at FHR?

Creating the first website and online booking engine as it changed the way the company operated overnight and allowed us to reach a new customer base and extend our great service to the online market.

  • What has made you stay at FHR?

Christmas party 2009 with Graham’s dad and stepmother Liz

It’s an interesting place to work with great people and never gets boring. As the business and industry has evolved, there’s always been new challenges to sink your teeth into and learn new skills

I feel exceptionally proud of what my Dad initially achieved and what the family and our great team of people have continued in recent years.

  • Describe a day in the world of FHR

I don’t think there’s ever been a typical day! My day usually starts checking if there have been any issues with the system overnight and looking at the reports and then it could be setting up a new marketing campaign or scoping out a new function for the website to improve performance or customer experience.

  • What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you at FHR?

Graham’s classic Christmas party pose

With all the Christmas parties and gatherings over the years there’s been too many to think of and possibly some that shouldn’t be revealed!

A highlight for others may be me getting stuck in the toilet when the lock broke and having to have a screwdriver passed through the window so I could escape!

Having grown up with FHR as part of my life there were some embarrassing moments working with the family, especially as a teenager. My Dad had a habit of making a speech at the end of the Christmas party nights even though FHR were just one table in a room full of companies so I would often be found hiding under the table. I can look back and laugh now but as a teenager I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

  • What is it about FHR that interests you?

As we’re a small team, the variety and opportunity to work on so many different areas keeps it interesting.

There’s always things to do to keep you busy and I enjoy the flexibility. Even though my role has moved into a managerial one over the years, I still get the opportunity to take calls and bookings from customers which I believe is important to have an understanding of the business across all levels.

  • What is the most satisfying thing you have accomplished at FHR?

I think now it would be building on something that my Dad created and continuing to operate the company with his values even though he is sadly no longer with us.

  • Why do you think that customers have chosen FHR year-after-year for 30 years now?

We’re the best! What impresses me is how much the people that work here, past and present, care about the business and delivering a high standard of customer service.

Customers trust us, which is great, and they can rely on our experience to ensure they have a great start to their holiday.

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