Why New Zealand Should Be Your Next Destination

Is the Land of the Long White Cloud on your bucket list? It should be.

The recent Brexit referendum has caused a spike in interest in travelling to New Zealand from British travellers. The Guardian reports that the Immigration New Zealand website received more than 10,000 British nationals registering their interest to move to, work in or invest in New Zealand. This is compared with less than half that amount during the same period the previous year.
New Zealand is not just appealing to British travellers – it draws visitors from all over the world as it has a lot to offer. It is probably one of the most naturally gorgeous places on earth and the people are affable, outgoing and welcoming. Here are some of the reasons why you’ll want to book your flight to Auckland right now.

You Can Get an Adrenaline Rush

If your idea of fun is doing something a little bit crazy to get your heart racing, New Zealand has a number of extreme adventure activities to try. You could try bungy jumping, which was invented here. You could also go white water rafting down the Rangitoto River near Christchurch, Sky Diving over Auckland and Hang Gliding in Queenstown. Afterwards you can relax in a soothing hot spring pool in sulphur-smelling Rotorua – home to plenty of incredible natural geothermal activity.

The Wine is Superb

The famous Marlborough region in New Zealand produces some of the best Sauvignon Blancs in the world. These wines have refreshing dry passionfruit flavours and are perfect when paired with some of the South Island’s delicious seafood.
Take a tour of the Marlborough region so that you can visit each vineyard, learn about its history and savour some wine tastings. With over 100 vineyards it’s easy to spend a few days really soaking up the laid back pace of this lovely area.

You Have a Chance to Spot Whales and Other Marine Life

New Zealand sits within the South Pacific ocean, which is teeming with aquatic wildlife. Some of the best whale watching in the world is here and while on a whale watching trip you might also encounter dolphins, New Zealand fur seals, Wandering Albatross and much more.
Kaikoura is one of the most popular spots for whale watching in New Zealand and the best time to visit is from June to August. This is when the humpback whales will be leaving the cool waters of the Antarctic and heading further north to the tropics.

There’s Almost Every Type of Landscape You Can Think Of

For a tiny island nation, New Zealand is pretty diverse. Peter Jackson was able to film the tranquil rolling green hills of The Shire and the barren volcanic pits of Mount Doom within a few hours of each other.
Within New Zealand you’ll also find glaciers and snowcapped mountains, fertile wine country, tropical beaches and bubbling geothermal pools. There’s so much natural beauty to discover in an area that is relatively small, making it a very exciting place for a road trip.

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