Where are the best seats on long haul economy flights?

Flying economy class is the reality for the majority of us taking a long haul flight for business or pleasure. You may love flying, but if not and you dread the prospect of a long flight, choosing the best seats on the plane is a must.

Window seat or aisle seat?

Firstly, aim for a window seat. You will benefit from an aerial view of land, sea and clouds. Also, you will not have to keep getting up to allow your seat row companions access to walk about. However, if you like to stretch your legs or are a frequent toilet visitor, make sure you bag an aisle seat.

Leg room pros and cons

For extra leg room, you can opt for an exit row seat, but bear in mind that these seats do not recline. A good tip is to get the seats behind the exit row, as then you will not have people reclining in front.

Seats right at the front of the plane are also a popular choice. There is extra leg room with this row, but there is no under seat or seat pocket storage. The tray table is usually part of the armrest, meaning the armrest is immovable and seat width is slightly reduced. These seats are usually higher priced, and it’s worth remembering that you will be next to the galley and the toilets.

According to airlines themselves, the best seats on the whole plane for long haul economy flights are usually those in the middle of the plane, by the exit. Use this website to check where the best seats are for your flight: https://www.seatguru.com/

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