The Best Ways to See the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a breathtaking underwater paradise. A crystal-clear sea, spanning miles along the Eastern Coast of Australia. The reef is home to a wonderful array of plant, animal and sea life. It is no wonder that tourists from all over the globe flock to view this spectacular natural wonder.

This bucket list worthy destination can be enjoyed by anyone. Whether you are looking to get your hair wet and bask in the ocean, or stay dry and enjoy the magnificent views in the Australian sun, there are plenty of ways you can view the beauty this reef has to offer.


Popular amongst tourists, snorkelling is an inexpensive option to get a close-up view of what makes the reef famous. Whether you are snorkelling from a boat-based trip or simply enjoying a day on the beach, this is an experience you will not forget.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Take a ride on a glass bottom boat tour, relax and sit back as you meander through the shallow reefs. A marine expert will captain the boat, guiding you through the sea life on a safe family friendly trip of the sparkling blue.

Boat Excursions & Scuba Diving

Scuba diving will get you physically closest to the reef. Pick up a boat day trip, dive deep into the ocean and become one with the nautical creatures that dwell within the reef. Amongst the other creatures, you could glimpse rays and sea turtles as you explore.

Underwater Observatory

The underwater observatory is a perfect trip for those who want to stay dry. This purpose-built sturdy glass tunnel under the sea is all that separates you from the splendour that lies beneath the ocean surface. Learn about the vast variety of tropical fish and marine animals that swim inches from where you stand.

Helicopter & Sea Plane Tours

Take to the skies and see the true enormity and breathtaking magnificence of the reef from an aerial perspective. A scenic flight can be a costly way to view the great barrier reef, however it promises to fulfil all expectations.


Feel the wind rush through the sails as you cruise over the reef. Sailing can be an incredible experience for everyone. All you keen sailors out there can become the captain of the ship, navigating you and your passengers around the reef, giving you the freedom to set off on your very own journey. However, if taking a back seat and relaxing on deck is your preference, why not charter yourself a boat and have a skipper take control, allowing you to enjoy the Australian sun in style.

Take the trip down under and experience one of the true wonders of the world!

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