What Travel Insurance Do I Need?

If we travel, we need travel insurance. There is absolutely no doubt about it, and we should never consider leaving the UK without it.

Most of us will buy a ‘Comprehensive Trip Package’, which will cover most of what we need. A main detail covered will be ‘Cancellation’, and it is imperative that you take this out as soon as you book your trip. It can cost as little as £10 for an annual policy.

Single or Annual Policy?

As a rule, if you take more than two trips a year, it is worth investing in an annual multi trip policy.

Couples of Family Policy?

Unless you are travelling alone, compare policies suitable to your travelling party size. A family policy will cover everyone named on the policy, and under 18’s are often free. Check the small print for details: can anyone on the policy travel independently; age restrictions; whether all family members are required to live at the same address.

Europe or Worldwide?

If you are only travelling to Europe, avoid forking out on a worldwide policy. The big price difference between the two is ‘medical cover’. In America, Canada and Australia, medical fees are high in comparison to Europe.

Winter Sports Cover

It is what it says on the can; cover for any activities on the snow! However, if you intend to ski off-piste, check the detail. This policy will also cover any equipment that may be lost or stolen, and reimbursement of prepaid costs, due to injury.

Cruise Cover

This is an additional ‘option’ you can take out if cruising. It will cover extras such as: missed departure; cancelled or delayed cover if the cruise is affected by bad weather; cover for prepaid trips. As a cruise can visit many different countries, check all the destinations are covered for your trip.

Medical Cover

This can be a minefield! If you have pre-existing medical conditions, you will be required to declare these separately, however small. There are usually age restrictions on all policies, and the older you get, the less choice you will have of provider.

When considering which cover to take out, study the different policies carefully. Ensure you are adequately covered. If you use a comparison site, you will be presented with a list of insurers displayed in columns. Ticks and crosses are used to show what is, and is not, covered. Check these carefully for your needs. Also, choose the excess which suits you. If you can afford it, consider choosing a low excess enabling you to claim for loss/theft of money/personal belongings.

Watch out for the maximum duration for each trip. Although you are covered for as many trips as you wish in 365 days, an annual policy will have a limit for any one trip, usually around 56 days.

Lastly, think twice before you choose the cheapest deal!

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