Packing made easy with the Packpoint App

Packing ready for your travels? Say goodbye to endless lists, as we have the app that does all the hard work for you.

What is the Packpoint App?

Packpoint App | Book FHRThis is no ordinary list making app. Simple and easy to use, with a fun display and icons, Packpoint uses your travel information to build a custom packing list that you can share with other travellers. It also checks the weather to make sure you have the correct attire for your trip away.

How does Packpoint work?

Start by simply entering your destination, date of travel, length of trip and choose from either ‘Business’ or ‘Leisure’. This allows the app to determine what type of trip you are taking. Once these details have been added, the app asks you to choose from a long list of activities, from swimming to photography, hiking to fancy dinners. You can choose as many activities from the list as you like and the Packpoint app will accommodate them. Have no fear, if a holiday activity you want to include does not appear on the list, there is a custom activity button where you can add even more activities for inclusion on your packing list.

Once all details have been entered into the Packpoint app, it will start generating your packing list. Once generated, your packing list appears before your very eyes, broken up into different categories according to activities and essentials. You can edit this list however you want, hide what you don’t need, adjust quantities of items, and add anything that does not appear.

Perfect packing with Packpoint!

On one easy to use app, you have everything you need for perfect packing, so that you can avoid the horror of arriving at your destination missing key travel essentials. Packpoint is free, making it well worth a download.

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