Live Trekker, Your Digital Travel Journal

This month, let’s look at a travel app that is a bit different.

When people ask you about the countries you’ve visited, do you sit there counting and naming them on your hand?

Trying to remember the exact countries and places, and the times that you went is tricky. And, how long do you spend fumbling through pictures trying to find the exact ones from the place you visited?

Save all your journeys in one place

Now, with Live Trekker you are able to document your journeys and have it all saved in one place. By being able to digitally document them and capture the places, people, and beautiful scenery you have seen, you can easily just look back and be reminded of your experience all over again.

Through the app, you are also able to look at other people’s trips that they have submitted to the Live Trekker community. In addition, you can share your own views and experiences with the Live Trekker community. But don’t worry, the data is yours and you do not have to share your own experiences if you don’t want to. The data is all saved in the app for when you want to go back and see it, and you are always able to keep it personal.

A digital travel diary

Live Trekker gives you the chance to have a travel diary that will digitally keep your travels, thoughts and feelings through your own experiences. This keeps everything in one place and you can see the journey you have and are taking through the app.

With an app that gives you the ability to track and document your travels in one place, as well as the functionality to share them or keep them private, why not give Live Trekker a go?

When people next ask where you’ve been and what you’ve seen, you’ll be able to show them all of it in one app!

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