Where to go on Holiday for May Sun

This year is going fast. Easter has already been and we are nearly half way through the year! Surely it’s time to treat yourself to a lovely sun-filled holiday? We have 4 wonderful places that you can visit for some much-needed May sun.


Algarve cave | Book FHR Average daily high: 25°C

Hours of sunshine: 12 hours

Average flight time from the UK: 3 hours

Time difference: 0 hours

May is a great time to visit the Algarve. It is a fairly quiet time in terms of tourist numbers, so you can relax and enjoy having more space to yourself sunbathing on the beach! Full of bars and restaurants, there are also activities such as mountain biking and go-karting. You can spend your days sunbathing then perhaps venture off to take part in more strenuous activities. This can be a fun and relaxing holiday in one!


Boat Mauritius | Book FHRAverage daily high: 26°C

Hours of sunshine: 8 hours

Average flight time from the UK: 12 hours

Time difference: +3 hours

With food festivals and horse racing in May, there are some great experiences to be had in Mauritius. If this isn’t your scene, there are gorgeous beaches for relaxing on, or museums and nature and leisure parks to visit. The weather is beautiful and hot in May, perfect for topping up the tan you have been missing since last summer! With so many things to do and places to see, Mauritius really can get your summer off to a great start.


Turkey market | Book FHRAverage daily high: 24°C

Hours of sunshine: 10 hours

Average flight time from the UK: 4 hours

Time difference: +2 hours

May is the perfect time to visit Turkey, before the scorching summer temperatures hit. This country has spectacular scenery and a rich heritage to explore. From turtle beaches to the blue lagoon at Olu Deniz, from cave tombs cut into the mountainside to traditional markets bursting with smells, colours and flavours, this country is unique. There is plenty to do in this destination full of mystique and bursting with culture. Turkey should definitely be on your list to visit.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Palace | Book FHRAverage daily high: 34°C

Hours of sunshine: 8 hours

Average flight time from the UK: 11.5 hours

Time difference: 6 hours

Exotic and full of beauty, Thailand is a favourite place to visit in May. A lively city, Bangkok shows the culture in its architecture and tours. Take in the vibrant street life, and wander around the shops, ranging from markets to luxury malls. See the sacred temples of Bangkok and take in the opulence of The Grand Palace. For those wanting nightlife, there is plenty going on in Bangkok!

Take your pick from these great destination ideas, and enjoy a lovely holiday abroad catching those rays! Whether it be with family, friends or just by yourself, these are all great places to visit with so many activities to do, and places to see.

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