Understand the Local Lingo with Google Translate

Google Translate is one app that really can help you out on your travels. Free on iOS and Android, this is the perfect app for quickly translating text. You can take a photo of text, even written words – such as a road sign, note or menu – and the app will translate it to your specified language.

Conversation Mode

Google Translate App | Book FHRGoogle Translate gives you the option to speak into the microphone and it will then translate your words into your chosen or specified language. This can be great if you need to translate something from your own language into another, or if you want to understand what someone else is saying. The technology gives you the ability to fully understand others using a different language, helping you on your travels in a quick and easy way.

The conversation mode can handle a range of languages, therefore you can use this across the globe, giving you peace of mind when visiting new and different places.

Word Lens

The word lens allows you to use your camera to help with translation. By clicking on the camera icon, you can take a picture of the wording you need translated. As mentioned before, this can be menus, road signs and any type of written content. This is particularly great for using with menus if you are in a restaurant and want to quickly find out the ingredients of dishes.


This useful tool within the app gives you an option to write on your phone using your finger or a stylus. You can write the word in your own, or another, language, to then have it translated into your chosen language. This means you can write words that you hear or see, then be able to fully understand the meaning.

Overall, the app has a positive review, achieving 4.4 out of 5 stars. Google is widely trusted and reliable, and this app can positively enhance your travels by giving the ability to understand the native language of the country you are visiting. The app’s languages can be changed, so you are able to also translate what you are saying for others to understand. This can make it so much easier to order that glass of wine abroad!

Being able to see either text or voiced words translated in front of you, can help to make your overall holiday experience more enjoyable and relaxed.

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