Honeymoon Like a Royal

Are you in the throes of organising your wedding? If so, one of the most important decisions to make, is “where shall we honeymoon”? You may even want to plan your wedding around the honeymoon, making the decision of timing to suit the destination you have in mind.

Namibia Sand Dunes | Book FHRWe do not, of course, have confirmation yet of the Royal Couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s honeymoon destination. However, several ideas have been bandied about, and the most popular of these appears to be Namibia. Not necessarily somewhere that most of us would consider at first glance as being our ideal honeymoon choice. Maybe take a second look though, and you could decide it’s perfect for you! Namibia is a vast country, but with few inhabitants. It’s safe, clean and you will be made to feel very welcome.

Three cost options for you to consider:


You can take a private escorted tour of Namibia on a 15-day trip showcasing this fascinating country at its absolute best. Climb the world’s tallest sand dunes; take a boat trip around Walvis Bay; spot big game in the Etosha National Park. You will stay in comfortable accommodation of your choice, from lodges and farmhouses, to tents and camp beds under the stars. Alternatively, you could take a 10-day flying safari with expert guides, spotting all that this stunning country has to offer from the skies! You will be staying in luxury camps.

Price for 10-15 days: from £7,000


Namibia Jeep | Book FHRTake a self-drive trip through this diverse landscape on a holiday of a lifetime discovering one of Africa’s best kept secrets. So many contrasts; the wild ocean of this coastal land, vast red dunes of the desert and rugged mountains, home to the world’s second largest canyon. Namibia may not be obvious as a safari destination, but the ‘Big 5’are here in abundance. Travel later in the year to witness the animals congregating in mass at the water holes. Driving is safe as there are few vehicles on the road. Namibians drive on the left and signage is in English.

Prices for 15 days: from £2,800

On a Budget

First and foremost you need to source your flights to Namibia. There are no direct flights from the UK. One option is Frankfurt to Windhoek (with the many flight options to Frankfurt from the UK). A second is to fly to Johannesburg and then on to Windhoek. Being a vast country, it may be difficult to travel independently due to a lack of public transport, therefore you would be wise to book an organised tour. You can take a 7-day camping trip from £700 including accommodation, guides, meals & transport.

Prices for 12 days start from just under £1,000. Flight cost: from £700

Finally, as with travelling to any continent of the world, there are sensible precautions to be taken:

In Namibia you are strongly advised never to drive at night.

Check your tyres and be prepared to change them.

The rainy season can wash away sections of the road, beware!

Take on fuel at each opportunity.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Book FHRWe can see why this spectacular country would be a popular choice for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s honeymoon! If this has whet your appetite to holiday like the Royals, remember to book your airport parking with us. We also offer airport hotels for the start or end of your trip, and for added luxury, airport lounges both at UK airports and worldwide.

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