FHR’s Top 5 European Airports

Most of us take off on our travels arriving at one of the many touristic airports in Europe on our annual holidays, looking for some warm sunshine and relaxation. Many of these airports are ill-equipped for the onslaught of passengers they receive, especially in the summer months.

Arriving at many of the small Greek Islands is akin to turning up at a bus station, the airports really are that tiny! Some, of course, are larger and well organised. Palma, Majorca, is one of the busiest airports in Europe in high season and is large in comparison to many. It is well worth considering booking yourself into an Airport Lounge, where you will be able to relax, refresh yourself and ease into the journey home!

On the flip side, arriving at one of Europe’s large cities can be an altogether different experience for the traveller. These well-designed airports can resemble small cities in themselves! Escalators, lifts and travelators whisk you off to your departure area.

Here are our top five European Airports, in order of merit.


Top of the list is Munich Airport! Germany’s second-busiest airport handled over 44 million passengers last year. It has two terminals and two runways.  The airport has existed here from 17th May 1992, when it replaced the old airport, being moved to a completely new site overnight! Munich Airport has about 150 shops along with 60 eateries. The train takes you into the city centre in approximately 45 minutes.


This is the biggest international airport in Switzerland, with around 30 million passengers passing through in 2017. Zurich Airport houses three terminals and three runways. The observation decks offer breath-taking views of all the action! Thirteen trains an hour take you to and from the city in 10-15 minutes.


This is the busiest airport in Europe with nearly 80 million passengers in 2017. Heathrow Airport lies 14 miles east of central London and opened in 1929 as a small airfield! From here, there are flights to 185 destinations in 84 countries. The Heathrow Express takes you straight into Central London.


As you may have noticed, this is the second German airport to make our Top 5 list! It is the busiest passenger airport in the country, the fourth busiest in Europe, handling 64 million passengers in 2017. It offers free unlimited internet access to all visitors. Frankfurt Airport has two terminals and two dedicated railway stations. This airport has two lounges (for a fee) and a popular open terrace.


Schiphol Airport is located 9km from the Amsterdam’s city centre and is the world’s 4th busiest international passenger airport, with over 68 million passengers passing through in 2017! There is a station located at the airport for convenient transfer to the city. There are several lounges here to suit every budget.

Many people love flying, but to others it is just a ‘means to an end’. We want to travel and see as much of the world as possible, so must therefore enjoy the process, relax, and take what we can from our airport experiences! We offer airport lounges throughout the UK and overseas. Treat yourself to a spot of peace and quiet to relax or catch up on work whilst waiting for your flight. Happy flying!

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