What Are Electronic Devices Restrictions for Hand Luggage?

As we all fly around the world more and more frequently, the regulations regarding what we can and cannot bring on flights into the UK changes on a regular basis. In 2017, restrictions were put in place for travel from certain countries which prevented us from carrying larger electronic items into the UK in our hand luggage. These included: laptops; tablets and large phones.

These restrictions have now been lifted on all UK bound flights from the following airports:

  • electronic devicesAntalya (Turkey)
  • Bodrum (Turkey)
  • Cairo (Egypt)
  • Dalaman (Turkey)
  • Hurghada (Egypt)
  • Istanbul Atatürk (Turkey)
  • Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen (Turkey)
  • Izmir (Turkey)
  • Luxor (Egypt)
  • Marsa Alam (Egypt)
  • Tunis-Carthage International (Tunisia)

In the following countries restrictions have also been lifted, but some airlines have made the decision to maintain a ban, (not for security reasons) therefore, you would be wise to check with your specific airline before you travel:

  • Jordan (Amman)
  • Lebanon (Beirut)
  • Saudi Arabia (Jeddah and Riyadh)

Electronic devices can, of course, still go in your hold luggage, but it is a very grey area when it comes to hand luggage. As many of us travel light these days, especially for a short trip, this could be an issue, one that would then involve paying a hefty sum to put these items in the hold.

Please also bear in mind that all rules apply when passing through these airports via a connecting flight to or from another country.

Always make sure all your devices are charged. If you cannot ‘switch on’ you will not be able to carry on-board. This is the case on all UK-bound flights.

One of the latest grey areas appears to be the use of wireless Bluetooth headphones. We understand you may use these devices provided they are set to “Airplane mode”. Just make sure they remain switched off during taxi, take-off and landing! Our advice once again is to check with your airline. What is set in stone one day may be overturned the next! What you can and can’t take on a plane appears to be an endless list. If you are unsure, or are taking anything unusual, especially in hand luggage, check with your airline to be on the safe side and avoid confiscation. Enjoy your trip!

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