Dubai: Luxury versus Affordable

It is autumn and time to travel in search of some beautiful warm sunshine. This happens to be the perfect time of year to visit Dubai, with daily temperatures averaging 30 degrees and balmy comfortable evenings, perfect for taking a stroll.

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, and since 2014 some of Dubai’s hotels have been among the most expensive in the world. It has 6 out of the 10 tallest hotels in the world and has this year surpassed itself by building the latest ‘tallest hotel’ beating its neighbour, the previous record holder, by one metre!

A Luxurious Stay in Dubai

Well if money is no object, you’ve won the lottery or you just want to treat yourself to a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ then the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is the hotel of choice. The third tallest hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah lives on its own island, reached by a private bridge, which appears to be just floating on the ocean. Its fame is in its shape, that of a ship’s sail, and the hotel has its own helipad.

Many customers have awarded it a 7* rating and it has been suggested that it should maybe be listed as a ‘wonder of the world’. Ok, maybe that’s overkill, it is just a hotel, but one where you will be treated like royalty with service second to none. As this is one of the most iconic hotels in the world with a nightly rate starting at around £2,000, maybe even just a 24 hour stay could be considered, just to say you’ve experienced this ‘phenomenon’. If you would like a 2-bedroom suite, you can expect to pay over £5,000 per night.

An Affordable Stay in Dubai

If you just want a holiday in Dubai, there are dozens of reasonably priced hotels to choose from, depending on your budget. One of our favourites is the Delmon Boutique Hotel with a 3 star rating. It is situated in the old town close to the Grand Mosque and shopping centres, and is only 3 miles from Dubai International Airport.

The rooms have en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi, refrigerator plus all the usual facilities expected of a 3* hotel. The nightly rate at this time of year is around £27 for a standard double, with optional breakfast available at £6 pp. The reviews average 6.7 out of 10, but at less than £30 a night this doesn’t put us off, and the hotel does have a bar!

On a personal note we prefer the ‘old’ Dubai to the sky scraping reality of the ‘new’ town with all its opulence. We would love to experience what would appear to be a 7* hotel in a class of its own, but you are certainly not getting a feel for the people and surroundings of this city as it was not so long ago.

Dubai and Alcohol

Dubai is a Muslim country and therefore licensing laws are very strict. You are only able to purchase an alcoholic drink in hotels or private clubs, and it is illegal to drink in public places. The cost of a pint or glass of wine in the 4* hotels is around £12-15. It is worth noting that this is considerably less in a budget hotel. You are able to purchase Duty Free on entry at the airport.


You can fly direct to Dubai in November from £400 and indirect for as little as £244.

Flight time is around 7 hours (direct) and 11 (indirect).

Whether you are booking a luxurious holiday in Dubai, or one that is more affordable, treat yourself to an airport lounge before you fly. With complimentary snacks and drinks, take time to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal. And for that extra touch of luxury without breaking the bank, book a stay in an airport hotel with parking the night before you fly.

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