FHR’s Favourite Sustainable Travel Blogger: Charlie on Travel

At FHR, we love travel and finding new bloggers that inspire us. We have enjoyed reading all about stainable travel this month, and in doing so came across a wonderful blog called Charlie on Travel, which has become our new favourite read!

About Charlie on Travel

Charlie on Travel is a sustainable UK travel blog written by Charlie Marchant and partner Luke Nicholson. Together they venture all over the globe writing about their sustainable travel journeys. In their blog, they raise awareness about ethical wildlife tourism and are passionate about caring for the environment and supporting the local people of the countries they visit.
As slow travellers, they get to enjoy their trips to the fullest! Many of us jam pack our holiday schedule into a set number of days or weeks and stick to a strict itinerary of popular tourist attractions. But not Charlie and Luke! Instead, they take the time to learn about each area they visit and fully embrace their surroundings. This is reflected in each of their blog posts.

Our Top 3 Favourite Charlie on Travel Blogs

It was their most recent blog post ‘Best Gifts for Travellers 2018’ that caught our eye first. We found it offered a brilliant selection of gift ideas and goodies for all types of travel lovers and not just for Christmas, but useful all year round. The gift guide had everything from backpacks and stainless-steel water bottles, to a beautiful upcycled cotton sari robe and reading material. This is a must-read post for anyone who loves travel and wants to treat themselves or someone special to must-have, quality products.
Another of our favourite posts was ‘Hoa Binh and Northern Vietnam’s Must See Hidden Gems’. This Northern Vietnam travel guide not only shows you breath-taking places to visit alongside fantastic imagery, but also features amazing food too! If you are looking for 2019 travel inspiration, we highly suggest reading this post.
We also loved reading about the Orangutans in Borneo while following Charlie and Luke on their Rain Forest adventure. Their blog showed readers Tanjung Puting National Park on the island of Borneo. The blog described to readers what to expect and what animals you can see; it even prepares you with information about what you should wear on the trip and where to stay. The blog post also highlights the deforestation problem in Borneo and how travellers can help the orangutans. This blog is a fascinating read and has wonderful pictures throughout, and if you love animals like we do at FHR, this blog doesn’t disappoint.

What we Love about the Blog

This blog is not only inspiring, but there is a variety of wonderful content for everyone to enjoy and to learn something from. We loved reading about Eco-friendly accommodation options and discovering more about how to become a house sitter and travel the world for longer. Undeniable about this blog is Charlie and Luke’s passion for sustainable travel, the environment and their love for adventure.
If you are looking for some 2019 travel inspiration, we recommend checking out Charlie on Travel!
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