VIP Airport Experience on a Budget

We all look forward with great excitement to our next holiday, whether it is a long-awaited trip around the world or a weekend break in Europe. Of course, before we arrive at our destination, we have the task of arriving and passing through our chosen airport, which can sometimes be quite stressful!

How to get to the airport in good time, where to park if we drive, is our luggage overweight and the necessary stringent security checks, all make for dilemmas we would often rather avoid! But avoidable they are not, so how do we make the most of the situation and perhaps pay a little for an upgraded experience that doesn’t break the bank?

Getting to the airport

We can of course take the train, but often this is not possible due to early or late flights or worry regarding reliability. Generally speaking, most of us will choose to drive to the airport and leave our car or take a taxi. Parking can be a great option if we book with a competent, trustworthy company.

Meet and Greet is becoming more and more popular and competitively priced, making it a great option. No hanging around outside for coaches to take us to our car when all we want to do on return is get home! Another great option is Return Meet, which again gives us that quick getaway from the airport on arrival home. Both of these options are available at BookFHR along with long-term airport car parking.

Fast Track

Jump the airport security queues with a fast track pass. This will enable you to navigate security without waiting in those dreaded long queues that can build up, especially at busier times throughout the day. Do remember though, that all airports are subject to the same security procedures and regulations, so it is always advisable to ensure you allow enough time to get to your departure gate.

Airport Lounge

You don’t have to fly Business or First Class to access the lounge. For a reasonable payment, we can all benefit from this bit of luxury to get our holiday off to a great start! With the cost of our flights being so competitive, airlines are beginning to see the advantage of airside space and concentrating on meeting passengers needs before they board the plane. There will be some instances where an airport lounge can be accessed using loyalty or credit card points. If not, the going rate for an airport lounge experience is on average £20-30. Of course, you can pay more and, if you want champagne or a massage, will probably have to! BookFHR have a great choice of Airport Lounges both in Europe and around the World, at very competitive rates.

Finally, we all want to get the most from our hard-earned cash and most of us want to spend it wisely. That said, the start of our long-awaited holiday can become negative due to chaotic airport experiences. The suggestions above can all be implemented without too high costs and will hopefully change our mindset regarding airport arrival and transition!

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