Get in on the (travel) app

Travel apps are now one of our most valued trip accessories. Free and fabulous, they assist us in a range of different ways. From providing highly functional assistance in the planning of, packing for and reaching of our destinations, to helping us to flaunt the details of where we’ve been or where we’re going, to everyone that we feel really should know.

As technology evolves, so a new range of apps emerge. They provide us with more functions than we ever thought it was possible for a phone to perform. We’ve selected two that we recommend that you sample ahead of your next trip.

Show off your travels with Amchart

If showing-off is your objective, then we recommend the clever and effortless, Amchart. It allows the user to quickly create and customise maps that chart the countries of the world that they’ve visited. It also offers a dedicated map of the 50 US states, allowing those who have travelled extensively there to create an all-American version of their map. Map completed, with one click it can be shared across all of the key social media platforms. Objective met!

Amchart also offers a neat function that provides the user with the HTML code behind their customised map. This gives the more technical user the opportunity to place their map onto websites.

App in the Air

If it’s functional travel assistance that you need, then we recommend App in the Air . New for 2019, it acts like your very own PA, holding your boarding pass and keeping you abreast of your departure time. It will tell you how long your wait will be at security, check-in and baggage claim. And whilst we’re on the subject of baggage, using augmented reality, the app will look at your bag and give you the definitive answer as to whether or not it meets cabin bag specifications.

Perhaps best of all, you can connect App in the Air to Siri and save yourself the difficult task of trying to type into a smartphone whilst moving at speed through an airport. Siri will access the app and tell you which departure gate you need to head for, what food options there are on the way there, where you can buy sunscreen… and just about anything else you could possibly need to know!

With all those amazing trips to take, all of those people to share it with as well as all these incredible apps to download, make your life easier by booking your airport parking, overnight airport hotel and UK or overseas airport lounge with us when you book your flights.

Happy travelling!

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