A Guide to Confectionery Restaurants and Cafes Around the World

Easter is celebrated around the world as the ultimate Christian ceremony when Christ was crucified and subsequently rose from the dead, on Easter Sunday. The idea of decorating eggs was born thousands of years ago all around the world, where the giving of eggs as a gift was representative of ‘new life’.

At the beginning it was bird’s eggs that were decorated, not chocolate! As a celebration of Easter, we are looking at establishments in other parts of the world that embrace this beautiful culture and the consumption of all things ‘chocolate’, be it in confectionery, cake or drinks.

Best places to travel for Chocolate

Sacher Cafe, Vienna

This quintessential Austrian Cafe in Vienna serves the famous Sacher-Torte in lavish surroundings. This decadent desert is a chocolate sponge coated with apricot jam and covered with a rich dark chocolate icing. It is claimed to be the most famous chocolate cake in the world. It has to be worth a trip to Vienna to find out! It can, of course, be washed down with their famous coffee or, if you want to be lavish, a glass of finest champagne!

Chocolate Macondo Cafe, Mexico

As unlikely as it might seem to us Europeans, Mexico is the likely birthplace of chocolate. This cafe in Mexico City specialises in the ancient art form of preparing thick bittersweet cacao with the tradition of adding herbs and chilli peppers. This tradition has been brought back to life here and, if you are lucky enough to find yourself in this part of the world, then a visit here is a must!

Maison Dandoy Tea Rooms, Brussels

Well Belgium has been called ‘the chocolate capital of the world’ and as Brussels is its largest city, there are obviously chances on every corner to sample this delectable delight. At Maison Dandoy their speciality is waffles, the recipe being passed down from generation to generation. They, of course, offer many other delights including cookies, cakes and confectionery to melt your heart.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar: Boston; New York; Philadelphia

So much here to sample! Pastries, fondues, and milkshakes. Belgian waffles with fresh fruit, ice cream and milk chocolate ganache – what more could you ask for? Chocolate pizza with the ultimate toppings. Warm chocolate crepes filled with bananas and hazelnuts. If all this isn’t enough to tempt you, they supply imaginative hot chocolate drinks in unusual receptacles which gives the ultimate experience in drinking chocolate.

Virgin: Cocktail and Chocolate experience in London

Two of our favourites in one indulgent experience: Cocktails and Chocolate; what more could you ask for? Spend two and half hours taking your taste buds to new levels. What’s more you get to take your goodies home with you. Of course, you have to book this in advance, no turning up on spec, but what a great way to spend some time with friends or family.

Molten Chocolate Cafe, Malaysia

The European taste of rich chocolate and confectionery brought to Malaysia. If you therefore find yourself in this beautiful country, you do not have to miss out! From melting fondues to molten sticks, you will be able to work your way through some delicious deserts and incredible beverages.
Where ever you travel in the world it seems you will not be far away from the sweet stuff! Chocolate, of course, is not just for Easter!

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