The Jewels of Montenegro

Montenegro is one of Europe’s fastest growing tourist destinations. This tiny Adriatic nation is emerging as an attractive proposition for travellers and is excellent value for money. There is so much to see here, where the mountains meet the sea; national parks, lakes, historical cities, beaches and even a stunning fjord!

Montenegro’s History

Back in the 1980’s, the country known as Yugoslavia was becoming a renowned holiday spot, of which Montenegro was part of. In 1991, civil war broke out and the country was devastated by insurgencies and ethnic conflicts, which was to become the downfall of this beautiful country. After the war this nation was split into 7 different countries.

Montenegro lies to the south of Croatia and to the north of Albania. Although Croatia bounced back from the war very rapidly, possibly due to its geographical position being closer to central Europe, Montenegro’s return to tourism has been far slower. It has some stunning sights and deserves to be highly regarded when considering travelling to Europe. The people are the friendliest you will find anywhere and are desperate to impress their visitors. This alone ensures that you will get the warmest welcome.

There are some real gems worth a visit, a few of which we want to bring to your attention!


Sitting proudly at the head of Boka Bay, the San Giovanni fortress is the jewel in the crown of Montenegro. There are 1,350 steps up to the top with stunning views over the bay. The old town is a UNESCO site and a labyrinth of medieval streets, cobblestone alleyways, historical buildings, lively squares and not least, St. Tripun’s Cathedral. You cannot fail to be impressed by Kotor; it will get you every time you visit!


This coast is 21km long with 17 beaches and is a stunning area. The ancient town of Budva is situated on a peninsula surrounded by medieval walls and sandy beaches. Narrow streets open onto small squares where you may be entertained in the summer months by various local talents! Once inside the walls it is pedestrianised, with cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. The stretch of coast from Kotor to Budva is breath-taking with high mountains rising one side and the sparkling Adriatic on the other.

Sveti Stefan

The most photographed spot on Montenegro’s coast! It was a fortified fishing village situated on a tiny island and joined to the mainland by a narrow beach. Today it is a luxury 5* hotel resort that will certainly put a big dent in your bank balance! Many tourists stop to take a photo of this iconic little spot but be aware of the traffic here as it can get very hectic.


If relaxation and chilling out is your thing, then head south to Petrovac. There is a long sandy beach in a picturesque bay, which is overlooked by pine forests. With calm waters and a lovely promenade, this resort is a great destination for families with children.


Ulcinj is the most southerly town in Montenegro with a 13 km sandy beach; it is the longest on its coast. It is said to be over 2,000 years old and still today is undiscovered by the majority of European tourists. The old town sits on a castle formation at the top of a hill overlooking the sea and is definitely worth a visit.

Montenegro Airports

There are two airports serving Montenegro: Podgorica and Tivat. These are small airports though, and tourists often travel via Dubrovnik in Croatia, simply because it is served by more airlines giving greater choice.

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