Preparing for Your First Ski Holiday

You’ve decided to try your hand at skiing, something you haven’t done before and a holiday that will almost certainly take you out of your comfort zone! If you have never spent time in a ski resort this is probably going to be an experience that will take you by surprise, and the term ‘Mountain’ will take on a whole new meaning! To get the most out of your first ski experience and come away with a great sense of achievement, there are certain things to remember and definitely rules to follow.

Choose the Ski Resort Carefully

You really do not want to arrive in a resort where every skier is an expert! The runs will be hard and fast, and you will need slow and gentle, especially at first. Study the area you are looking to visit and check there are plenty of beginner’s slopes, namely blue and green runs. Travel in the right season, and depending on the height of the resort chosen, make sure the resort is snow sure at the time of your visit. You do not want to be skiing on ice or worse, grass!

Ski Equipment

You will need:

  • Skis or snowboard
  • Ski or snowboard boots
  • Helmet
  • Ski jacket and salopettes or ski trousers
  • Ski socks
  • Thermal wear
  • Ski gloves

It makes sense to borrow ski wear if possible, rather than fork out on gear you may not wear again. All resorts have rental shops, hiring out ski equipment. It will all be very unfamiliar to you and putting ski boots on for the first time is like no other footwear you have tried before. They will feel uncomfortable without doubt, but, if after your first day you feel they are not the correct fit make sure you return them to the shop and get them changed. Always, without exception, wear a helmet. It has the ability to save your life! You are closer to the sun at the top of the mountain and if the sun is out you must remember the sunscreen. Protect your eyes with a quality pair of sunglasses or goggles.

Top Tip for your Ski Holiday Accommodation

If possible, try to find accommodation either near the lift station or close to a bus stop that serves the lifts. As a novice skier you don’t want to be walking a long distance in boots that you need to become accustomed to. If you do find yourself away from the lifts, it is often possible to rent lockers centrally where you are able to leave your gear.

Ski and Snowboarding Lessons

Whichever sport you choose, and you may not be sure until you’ve tried it, make it a condition of your trip to book lessons. Many skiers still have some form of lesson despite the fact they have been skiing for years. In the UK especially, most of us only take a ski holiday once a year and therefore only ski for 6 out of 365 days. There is always something to brush up on! If possible, take some beginners lessons at an indoor ski slope before your first ski holiday.

Get Ski Fit

Get ready for this trip by becoming a little fitter first. Skiing and snowboarding are physically demanding activities. It will be a far more rewarding experience if you are not burnt out on the first morning!

Respect the Mountain

To don a pair of skis and travel down a slippery slope at up to 40 miles per hour without any experience is complete madness, for both you and anyone else around you. Respect your environment and others on the mountain. It doesn’t matter how experienced you become in the future, this can be a dangerous sport, and anyone is capable of crashing out. Always bear this in mind and don’t take the mountain for granted.

Winter Sports Holiday Insurance

Do take out the correct insurance cover for complete peace of mind.

Finally, when you’ve booked this new adventure, remember to book your airport parking and airport hotel. The earlier you book, the better the deal!

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