Is Premium Economy Worth the Extra Money

Is Premium Economy Worth the Extra Money

As airlines squeeze more and more seats into the same sized planes, do we feel that we may soon need to be peeled in and out of our assigned seat? Of course, it depends largely on the size of the passenger as to how comfortable they will be during their flight, be it short or long haul.

Seats are definitely becoming narrower in an attempt to get more passengers on each flight, but how is the leg room affected? Some US airlines are offering the smallest seat pitch (the measurement from a given point on a seat to the same point on a seat in the next row) at around 28”, compared with 30” for Ryanair and 29” for easyJet.

As with all ‘extras’ offered by the various airlines, choosing your seat option can vary significantly with regard to how much extra space is offered and how much that will cost. Choose wisely: You may upgrade to an aisle seat with so much leg room you can stretch right out, only to find that people stand in that space queuing for the toilet!

Pros of Premium Economy Flights

  • Dedicated priority check-in desks
  • 50% chance of better sleep quality on long haul flights
  • Some airlines offer priority baggage handling meaning your bags will be among the first off of the plane
  • You could be offered mileage upgrades in Premium Economy, if you’re lucky!
  • More attentive cabin staff due to a smaller section of passengers to deal with
  • Food and beverages are usually upgraded
  • It can be a fraction of the cost of business class for those that insist on a little more comfort than basic economy

Cons of Premium Economy Flights

  • Cost: Between 50-150% extra. You could end up tripling the cost of your flight
  • These seats are often over-priced, and you can be left feeling ripped-off
  • For most fliers the lack of space and leg room is the biggest gripe. You may find that you hardly notice the difference when you are seated, so check the individual airline before you book
  • With many of us now becoming aware of our carbon footprint you may want to consider yours. More seats mean more passengers per flight, all travelling for the same amount of fuel
  • You could have 2 holidays for the price of 1 by sticking with economy class
  • Check seating plans before you book and pay for Premium Economy. You could end up sitting next to someone who has just paid for extra legroom

Extra Leg Room Seats – A Cheaper Alternative

If you are tall with long legs, then you are probably going to need some extra leg room, especially if you are flying long haul. This provides a middle ground option without paying to sit in premium class, and may, in many cases, be sufficient. Costs for these seats vary considerably on different airlines, so do your homework.


As the well-known saying goes: “You pays your money and you takes your choice!” You need to ask yourself how important it is to you to get a little extra comfort on a flight by coughing up for the extra few inches found in Premium Economy seats. There are, as always, deals to be had and it could be that you are lucky enough to find these upgrades for just a little extra.

Finally, wherever you decide to sit on your flight be sure to book your airport parking and airport hotel as soon as you have a booked flight. You are unlikely to get an airport lounge thrown in with Premium Economy, so check out our great deals and treat yourself for a very small premium!

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