A Guide to Airport Lounges: All You Need to Know

We are all aware of the drill when we arrive at our departure airport. After checking in we join the queue for security and wait in turn as we conform to everything that is expected of us, for our own safety, of course! When we finally make it through to the departure lounge, what then? We may want something to eat or drink, or even just find a seat to sit down and relax. What if we could have an altogether different experience at this point? This is where spending time in an Airport Lounge comes into its own.

If you have never booked an Airport Lounge as part of your airport experience, we think you will be in for a pleasant surprise. One of the most appealing aspects of the lounge is the seclusion gained away from the crowds. It is a quiet oasis compared to the hustle and bustle of the departure lounge. Find yourself a comfortable spot, sit down, and relax. This is where your holiday begins!

If you are on a business trip, a lounge will give you the peace and quiet to catch up on some work, with all the facilities required for internet access.

What is generally included in an Airport Lounge

  • Snacks and nibbles
  • Alcoholic drinks (extra charge for champagne)
  • Hot drinks
  • Soft drinks
  • Comfortable seating, some reclining
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • WiFi
  • Television screens
  • Flight information

Don’t expect a 3-course meal but there is certainly enough to stave off the hunger pangs until your flight. By the time you have purchased drinks, snacks and newspapers in the departure lounge and then had to fight for a seat on which to rest, the Airport Lounge option is very cost effective. You will arrive at your departure gate knowing you are already on holiday.

Things to remember about the Airport Lounge

  • If you need to leave the lounge, even briefly, you will be required to take your luggage
  • You will be expected to behave correctly, as, of course, the purpose of the lounge experience is to get some peace and quiet
  • Do keep a check the screens in the lounge for the boarding gate announcement for your flight, as most lounges will not announce any departing flights
  • You may arrive at the lounge 3 hours prior to your flight; any earlier would be at the discretion of the staff
  • In lounges that permit children, they may not be left unattended
  • Most airport lounges are located airside

Airport Lounge upgrades

Many airports only have the one lounge to select, but others have a choice of several lounges, where those looking for something a little more luxurious can chill out for an additional supplement. You may find lounges with travel spas and shower facilities, even one with a swimming pool – fantastic if you need a little extra pampering.

Finally, if you have a special holiday coming up and want it to get off to a great start, give an airport lounge a try. Once you have learnt how easy it is to relax at the airport it will be the only way you want to travel. Book your Airport Lounge  from around £20pp, along with your Airport Parking and Airport Hotel, as soon as your travel arrangements are finalised.

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