Dreaming of a White Christmas

There are not many of us that pull back the curtains after a night’s snowfall and don’t feel that flutter of excitement, even if just for a moment. It is not surprising therefore that in the Christmas Season many of us love the thought of experiencing a ‘White Christmas’. For this we probably need to travel further afield and we’ve come up with some food for thought. The beauty of pure snowflakes covering everything in sight with a dusting of the white stuff, what’s not to love?

Tallinn, Estonia

This fairy tale destination has been voted the best Christmas City in Europe as well as hosting the best Christmas Market. Tallinn is a beautiful compact city in the Baltics, with winding streets full of history, and a beautiful picturesque town square that comes alive at this time of year. There is a high chance you will see snow here, with the bonus of it being easier on your pocket than most of Europe. Illuminated windows, wooden huts and snow dipped steeples, all to be admired whilst sipping mulled wine. Gingerbread mania may leave you seeing these little characters in a completely different light!

Quebec City

There are many cities in Canada where snowfall is abundant throughout the winter, usually starting around November; Quebec is one such city. The reality of a white Christmas in these parts is high, so much so that the locals take it for granted. Old Quebec has the usual Christmas Markets; food stalls to keep you stocked up and, of course, lights galore. In this city you can even experience an Ice Hotel, in case you feel like an experience with a difference!


For an almost guaranteed White Christmas head to Moscow but be prepared for freezing temperatures and dress accordingly. Red Square becomes a little whiter. If you can stay for New Year you will be treated to one of the best festivals in the World for welcoming in the New Year! There are whispers that by 2021 visiting Russia will become a whole lot easier with the introduction of a short-term single-entry visa, ending what has always been a difficult entry process.

Tromsø, Norway

The tree lights are lit and this northern city is mostly void of daylight for these few winter months. That said, a clear sky can be lit with stunning colours at dawn and dusk, bringing Tromsø to life. The Christmas lights reflect on the bright white ground and will give a magical experience you will not forget in a hurry. Again, temperatures are very low being so far north so make sure you wrap up warm and pack the correct gear. Waterproof shoes being an absolute must!

Finally, if you decide to travel for Christmas, book your airport parking as soon as possible to ensure you get a secure spot for your vehicle.

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