A Trip to the Arctic

The Arctic has gripped our imagination for as long as we have known the world is round. In the summer months it is the land of the midnight sun and in the winter a frozen wonderland. The scenery witnessed here will stay with you forever, no matter how you visit. Explore this magnificent area of the world by cruising or taking an organised expedition.

Arctic Port | Book FHR Travel BlogThe land within the Arctic Circle spans a large area of our world and is divided among eight countries: Norway, Russia, Sweden, Denmark (Greenland), Finland, United States (Alaska), Canada, and Iceland. We have looked at the best ways to visit this vast area and given a taster of what to expect.

North Pole Expedition

This is the ultimate trip for all explorers wanting to reach the top of the world! If you wish to visit the North Pole by ship, it will only be possible during the height of summer, when the ice has melted enough to allow the vessels to pass through. Cutting your way through the shifting ice you will be transported to the pinnacle of our world. Many great explorers will have been here before and you really will be on a trip of a lifetime, and certainly not on a tourist trail. There is, of course, an abundance of wildlife to spot on your journey and you will become at one with nature, a truly breath-taking experience that will live with you a lifetime. A magnificent landscape that is constantly shifting, literally!

Norway and Greenland

Tromso Houses Norway | Book FHR Travel BlogCruises to this region operate only in the summer months. You can fly here all year round and trek, sledge or ski your way across this vast wilderness. Culture, history and wildlife are the order of the day here, and there is certainly plenty of it. The Greenland National Park is the most northerly NP on earth and a hike here will leave you breathless in more ways than one. It goes without saying that spotting a polar bear in this region would be one of the highlights of the trip, along with an opportunity to spy whales and many species of wildlife. Watch in awe as the Northern Lights perform an electric dance in the skies above you. It is a land of glaciers, bubbling lakes, ice covered fjords and volcanoes. A world that was once ruled by Vikings and the evidence is all here.

Cruise Vancouver and the Inside Passage

A whole host of cruise ships make their way up this North American Coast to sample the wonders of this stunning landscape. The wildlife on offer here is a big draw, and these trips make this area accessible to most. Above all, the price tag is affordable and therefore it makes for a fantastic family holiday, with a difference. Why would you swap a week lazing in a tropical paradise or a fun-filled holiday in a theme park? Give it a try, and your family may just return from a holiday of a lifetime!

Finally, there is a lot to think about on a trip of this kind, not least of all, how? When you finally make up your mind, book your Airport Parking as soon as possible to get the best deal and know your trip is well and truly sealed!

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