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Florida – More than Just Theme Parks

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Think of Florida and we immediately picture the theme park capital of the world that is Orlando. But, of course, there is so much more to this most southern state of America than this heady world of amusement. You may have visited Disney in the past, possibly on more than one occasion, or the thought Continue Reading »

UK School Holiday Dates for 2020/2021

Red Bucket And Spade | Book FHR Travel Blog

Do you need to know School Holidays Dates before you book? Hiked up prices for travel during the School Holidays is the bane of most of our lives. We may have children in school or simply work in education, and are therefore required to take our holidays when the schools are closed. Travel prices can Continue Reading »

First Time Safari: What to Expect

Flamingos In Water | Book FHR Travel Blog

It is quite possibly something you have dreamed of doing from the day you realised animals roam in the wild. Whether an animal lover; a sucker for an action-packed holiday; or just curious of what a safari is all about, one thing for sure is this holiday will be like no other you have experienced before. Continue Reading »