Entertaining 5-8 year-old kids on a short haul flight

As promised here is the second post in our series on keeping kids entertained on flights. It’s good to try and make the flight as stress-free as possible so you can arrive at your destination with your children un-frazzled and looking forward to the holiday ahead. Sometimes having a pre-flight stay in a hotel can help with that travel stress along with these ideas for entertaining 5-8 year-old children on the plane!

Entertaining 5-8 year-olds on a flight

1. Colouring favourite TV/Book characters

Now this one is an easy idea for those less inclined to purchase special travelling toys that’ll not be used again. Just Google colouring versions of your kid’s favourite TV or Book characters and have a great plastic wallet full of colouring fuel for your child’s blazing energy on the plane!
Try Image Googling: ‘TV character colouring sheets’

2. Making Jewellery

These sets are always lots of fun (for girls at least, unless you can get the boys making pirate jewellery). Make sure there is nothing in the make-your-own-jewellery-pack which isn’t allowed on the plane and spend at least an hour creating necklaces, bracelets and even little clip-on earrings – isn’t that flight time just flying by?
If you have younger children, check out our previous post on ideas for entertaining 3-5 year-olds when flying!

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