Entertaining 9-13 year-old kids on a short-haul flight

Getting towards the teen years it’s easy to think your children will be able to entertain themselves a little but there’s no harm in coming up with ideas so that you can have a nice easy flight to your holiday destination. Here are some ideas for entertaining your older children on flights.

Travelling with Children | Entertaining Kids on a Short Haul Flight | Book FHR Blog

Entertaining 9-13 year-olds on a flight

Colouring Back Packs | Entertaining Kids on a Short Haul Flight | Book FHR Blog1. Create a backpack for holiday

This is a great thing for older children – get them excited about their holiday and provide them with a handy back-pack so they don’t lose their toys or belongings at the beach by getting them to colour their own back-pack on the plane! Whether it’s a minions backpack or a nice girly one, these’ll keep your kids entertained.

2. Download favourite movies onto your tablet

You might be sick of Frozen at home but trust us when we say you’ll be super happy that you have a film that your kids are addicted to when their eyes are glued to it on your tablet and you get 20 minutes of silence and a cup of tea on the flight. At least, the silence should last until the Let it Go song…

3. Trading card games

Trading card games are a great way to spend your time on the plane with your older children. Keep them entertained by choosing sets that are based on popular movies or series. Our Trading Cards on Plane | Entertaining Kids on a Short Haul Flight | Book FHR Blogsuggestions are:
Star Wars
If you have younger children you can look at our ideas for 3-5 year-olds post or our 5-8 year-olds post. Give your holiday an even smoother start and eliminate that stressful journey to the airport by staying overnight at a nearby airport hotel. It’s exciting for your kids and relaxing for you!

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