Britannia Stockport

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  • Budget Hotel Package - Holiday Parking is offsite, transfers are included in parking package
  • Move your car to Britannia Country House or Britannia Airport Hotel on the morning of your flight
  • Hotel site for parking will be advised on arrival and will take approx 20-30 mins to get to.
  • Transfers from either parking site will take approx a further 10 mins
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Britannia Stockport

Description of Britannia Stockport

The Britannia Stockport hotel is situated in Stockport, 6 miles from the airport. Parking will be at the Britannia Airport hotel or the Britannia Country House Hotel.


All rooms have en-suite bathroom, tea and coffee tray, TV, direct dial telephone, trouser press and hair dryer.

Parking Arrangements

Overnight parking is at Britannia Stockport - on the morning of your flight you drive to Britannia Country House or Britannia Airport Hotel to park (approx. 20-30 mins). Transfers from either Hotel are included free of charge to and from Manchester Airport. Transfers run 24 hours a day on a scheduled service approximately every 45 minutes. Times will be confirmed when you arrive at the hotel.

Airport Transfer Details

Transfers from the Country House or Britannia Airport Hotel are included free of charge to and from Manchester Airport Transfers run 24 hours a day on a scheduled service approximately every 45 minutes. If not using parking facility, hotel does provide taxi transfers (one way) from hotel to airport.

Eating & Drinking

Jenny's Restaurant, open for Dinner 6.30pm - 9pm, serves English meals, like roast dinner and Yorkshire puddings with sides of potatoes and vegetables. We also serve lighter options such as like jacket potatoes stuffed with chilli and cheese, salads and sandwiches. Jenny's Cocktail Bar offers modern and comfortable furnishings where you can eat and drink and relax. Open from 5.30pm-11pm

Breakfast Charges

Jenny's Restaurant opens for Breakfast - £12.50 per person , children £6.95 (up to the age of 11) Mon-7am-9.30am Tues-Fri-6.30am-9.30am Sat/Sun-8am-10am


Leisure Club: Per Session:- £4.00 for an adult and £2.00 for a child. Towels are available for hire at a cost of £1.00. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and are not permitted in the gymnasium. Gold Card available (allows access for up to one week):- £10.00 for an adult and £5.00 for a child.

Check-in / Check-out

Check in: 14:00 Check out: 11.00

Additional Information

Children sharing with adults must be 15 or under


Dialstone Lane

Directions for Britannia Stockport

With effect from 06/02/23 this property will no longer accept CASH. This includes bar, restaurant and car parking.

***Parking is at the Britannia Country House Hotel, or at the Britannia Airport Hotel - full details will be given on check in at hotel. Overnight parking will be provided by Britannia Stockport and you will need to take your car to Britannia Country House Hotel, or at the Britannia Airport Hotel to park on the morning of your flight, Please allow approx. 20-30 minutes for this journey. Transfers to and from the Britannia Country House Hotel, or at the Britannia Airport Hotel take approx 10 mins and are included in parking package

Directions to hotel:

From East: Leave M60 at J.27, Stockport East. Take 4th exit, Buxton. Go through traffic lights, stay in outside lane to lights at top, go straight through lights approx. 1/2 mile, through crossing lights. At next set of lights, turn left and follow Hempshaw Lane for approx. 1 mile to next lights. Turn right into Dialstone Lane and hotel is about 150 yards on left. *********From A6 Manchester: Follow A6 to Stockport. Go through town centre, follow A6 along main road, past town hall and college until you reach traffic lights by Bamford Arms. Turn left onto Nangreave Road and follow it until you reach traffic lights and turn left into Dialstone Lane. The hotel is approx. 50 yds on the right.*********From A6 Buxton: Through Hazel Grove, carry on through 1st set of lights. At next lights bear right onto Dialstone Lane and follow for 1.5 miles and you will see hotel on right.

Where stated in the room description, dinner inclusive meals will be two courses in the restaurant.

Leisure Club: Per Session:- £4.00 for an adult and £2.00 for a child. Towels are available for hire at a cost of £1.00. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and are not permitted in the gymnasium. Gold Card available (allows access for up to one week):- £10.00 for an adult and £5.00 for a child.

5 out of 5 stars

Very good deal hotel good value and transport to airport very good

Tracey kirby

1 out of 5 stars

We didn't no we had to stay in won hotel then move the car to another and the hotel we stayed in was disgusting not clean I wouldn't my dogs sleep in it it was that bad


1 out of 5 stars

Was disappointed with the plan as I booked FHR to stay at the Britannia country house in Didsbury where I was to keep the car for 15 nights.However the postcode took to me to a working mans hotel in Stockport that was difficult to get to to begin with. I really thought I had the wrong hotel and found out that ,that is where we were staying. My partner was very upset and cried in the room and didn’t want to go out of it until the morning.we were told we stay there and have breakfast then leave to drive to Didsbury to park up at the country hotel where I thought we were staying at to begin not from this area at all so have no idea of roads, had to depend on my sat navigation on my phone to get me through tricky roads. It was a bad start to our holidays but got through it,we got parking after waiting half hour for space, cars were parked everywhere and anyhow possible, the best part of this was the pleasant chap on the minibus that took us to the airport, the pickup was ok as well only waited 14 minutes at 03.45 in morning, I’d parked under a tree so be prepared have need to wash your car when you get home as it will get filthy with sap from trees, Britannia hotels are all very dated and all need heavy refurbishments, to be fair our hotel room was clean and comfortable and breakfast was I said it’s not a family hotel but more of a working mans lodge.

Mr Colin Roberts

1 out of 5 stars

Very disappointed. Was told when we arrived that we would leave at 5 in the morning. 10 o clock we got a knock on the door saying no room on that bus. We had to go at 3 our flight wasnt till 9 30 so wasn't happy. We may as well have drove from home. We didn't get the good nights sleep we were hoping for

Pauline Hymas

1 out of 5 stars

I thought we had booked the Britannia Airport Hotel by mistake it was The Stockport Britannia Hotel which was a complete dump, as follows: 1)Hotel 45 minutes away from airport,not secure car park, have to get up early to park at another hotel 2)Car park full of contractors vans,the reception/bar area full of contractors in dirty clothes/ overalls drinking and being loud, smoking dope in car park 3)Duty manager unhelpful when asked if he could transfer us over to the Airport hotel part of their group 4)Our room had paper hanging off the wall and smelt stale, musty and uninviting. 5)When complained we were given family room, where we had to use the lift which was dirty and stunk , the room carpet was very badly stained and again stunk 6) It was my wifes birthday so we couldn't stay in that dump we had to book ourselves in Britannia Airport Hotel 7)This dump of a hotel should be taken of your list for couples and families and is miles from the airport, I hope somebody from your company will investigate my complaint about this hotel. I have lost £71.40 which i hope you can get me refunded 8)The Britannia Airport Hotel was inviting, customer service very helpful and friendly,room better, cleaner ,secure parking,5 minutes from airport. 9)Its a pity I couldn't rate the Stockport Britannia Hotel a Big Fat Zero for its location, kerb appeal, customer service,cleanliness,accommodation and clientele 10)Waiting to hear a reply from you about the complaint and refund


2 out of 5 stars

Britannia Hotels are looking very tired now and in need of refurbishment we didn't realise when we booked that we had to move the car again to their sister hotel the next morning which made the overnight stay fairly pointless we would have been as well driving from home and using the parking near the airport as it took us over an hour with another couple to be picked up from the airport the first bus that arrived couldn't get us on so driver had to phone for an extra pickup.

Peter Finnie

2 out of 5 stars

The hotel decided not to do any food without notification. All the tables in the lounge and bar area had menus on display but there wasn't a sign anywhere telling us that we could not eat. Also when we booked in, the booking clerk was more interested in attending to customers for the gym. He never said anything to us so we did not know.

Elizabeth Day

1 out of 5 stars

Very poor. The room was very basic. Never heard a creaky floor like it before. Everytime someone moved in an adjacent room you heard it. No hot water on the evening we arrived. Materess was collapsed and so uncomfortable I didn't sleep a wink. Stale smell. Very dissatisfied

Robert Manningham

3 out of 5 stars

Hotel rooms look old and worn out. We had a problem with the shower. The manager changed the room straight away. Service was good. Transport to and from airport was very good. Well organised. I will recommend to my friends.

Anura Wimala Gunaratnalage

1 out of 5 stars

Pleasant welcome and reception assistance. When we booked deal with parking showed photo of Brittania country house hotel which been to be fore so knew was acceptable . This hotel however was awful. Squeezed in the room. Carpet needed hoovering, bath , taps and toilet need replacing and not clean. All the silicone brown, black and grotty.Shower soap dispenser not been cleaned underneath for a long long time, filthy. Bathroom door grubby and sticky. Checked bed sheets and looked clean, bed was fairly hard but fine for us. We did eventually get few hours sleep. Did feel misled and driving round Manchester to Brittanias country hotel to park wasn’t expected and certainly will check info better next time and wouldn’t stay here again!

Helen U

4 out of 5 stars

Clean and friendly

Pete Chamberlain

4 out of 5 stars

Excellent stay and value for money bit of a pain moving the car in the morning to the sister hotel but all went smoothly can't fault the service


2 out of 5 stars

The hotel and breakfast where both fine and ok . But the free up to 15 days parking was a really poor service. The car park is not secure and the instructions and service from reception at the sister hotel where you park the car are no-existent. We were just hand 2 vouchers which both stated hotel- to -airport tax. The taxi driver ( once we found him) took both of these off us on the way to the airport. On our return from the airport and ringing the number provide. The taxi company would not pick us up without the voucher reference number which we did not have or pay £12. After 4 different calls to Britannia no one could provide or find any information on our booking!! Therefore we had to pay for a taxi. Additionally even though our car was parked on there premises they could not find any reference for the booking. how they know your car is parked within there premises is beyond me and we felt conned on our return from holida!


1 out of 5 stars

Everything that could be done wrong probably was in case of this Park+Fly event with Britannia hotel. 1. On arrival I've found out that the next day before my early morning flight I will have to leave the hotel and drive to a different one to leave the car there and get my transfer to the airport. Quite a surprise considering the whole point of Park+Fly is convenience and saving time. I had to get up more than an hour earlier because of this (which is a lot when one flies at 6am). 2. The hotel felt worn and unhygienic. There were pieces of used linen, cloths and mops in corridors lying around. The smell was very unpleasant. 3. The receptionist at that other hotel was totally unaware what's going on when it comes to transfers. And not very much willing to talk to customers either. 4. Our taxi was half an hour late! Despite us being there much earlier and telling the reception we are on a rather tight schedule. 5. Return trip was not better organized either. At the airport I had to walk from one taxi to another telling them my name, rather frantic procedure at a busy, noisy and polluted with car exhausts place. That transfer (back to the hotel) was half an hour late, too. My opinion: Avoid, avoid, avoid!


4 out of 5 stars

a good place to stay and park for our holiday. the reason for 4 not 5 star was the morning call was 30 minutes late and we nearly missed the schedule transport to airport


4 out of 5 stars

The Britannia hotel we stayed over night in, was in fact a nice hotel with a good bar and food, the room and bed was comfortable, however the night manager told us we would have to leave the hotel at 7am in the morning in order to get to the Britannia Country park hotel where we were parking the car, we left actually at 6.55am to give us extra time but this was not enough as we missed our transfer to the airport and had to have a taxi from the hotel to the airport as we could not wait for the next transfer bus, I think the manager should have told us to leave at probably 6.30 - 6.45am, this info needs to passed on to prevent other guests having the same problems and extra costs. One more point was in the hotel we stayed in over night there were employees in the bar that were obviously drunk as they were swearing and shouting loud, even though the bar manager told him to stop, we found this a little off putting for future bookings here.


3 out of 5 stars

I did not like driving from one hotel to another this I would not do again once my car is parked I do not want to have to drive it until I come back off holiday.

Ian harris

1 out of 5 stars

Terrible, will not be booking with you again the pick up to airport didn't turn up twice went into hotel to get transport sent we were not the only people standing waiting. On way home called for our pick up we were sent to wrong place to wait from your office & we had to wait 40 minutes after we called. Very poor service.

Judith Elliot

5 out of 5 stars

Excellent place to stay, perfect host. Felt very relaxed in the property.

2 out of 5 stars

The hotel was of poor standard, although the bedding was clean. The room which was small was on the ground floor, whilst every movement and word spoken in the room above could be heard, causing a disrupted nights sleep. The faculties were poor. We booked the hotel for airport parking too, but only found out the car park was at an entirely different location to the Hotel in a different part of Stockport, about 30 minutes away. The parking was ok, but we were then told by the shuttle bus driver that a taxi would collect us from the airport on our return. Needless to say we waited almost an hour for the taxi to arrive at the airport after being told it would arrive within 25 minutes. All in all the hotel premises and experience was so poor I would not recommend it to anyone. On the plus side the young man at the reception desk was very pleasant and helpful.


1 out of 5 stars

Kind staff terrible hotel.


4 out of 5 stars

Hotel was easy to find and easy parking no problems with car being left and you keep your keys no hassle would definitely use again

Dennis Searles

2 out of 5 stars

A very outdated hotel. Not up to standard expected of an airport hotel. Could not get a chocolate drink as the machine had run out and no attempt was made to rectify this when asked. Will not return here.

Jack Armiger

4 out of 5 stars

Nice hotel with small but clean rooms. Shower control came off the wall in my hand when turning it off so needs updating/fixing. Airport parking is at a different hotel which we had to drive to in the morning. About 20 mins with no traffic. Had to wait 35-40 for the transfer back to our car at the Britannia Country House hotel. It was a private taxi both ways which was good. My car battery was flat on our return but the hotel maintenance staff jump started it for us and very really quick to come to my car.

Ian G

1 out of 5 stars

Not even worthy of one star! Rude and surly staff at check in. Tired room that was too small for three people let alone providing beds for four! Bed sheets old and washed so many times they were transparent. Car parking booked for the week also but on arrival were informed that parking was at sister hotel a 30 min drive away. Not informed by check in staff that we were booked on a transfer the following morning, consequently we were late checking in for our flight.

Guy Taylor